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Digital Micro Ohm Meter - MOM200P

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General functioning of digital Micro Ohm Meter is measuring contact resistance, applying high current towards double head conductor and measuring its resistance value based on micro ohm/ milliohm extent. Thus, based on these information we decide about quality of regarded conductor.



  • measurement of resistance of breaker contacts and sectionners
  • measurement of resistance of bus bar connections, sectionners, conductors connections
  • measurement of resistance of cables, transfer lines conductors and wires
  • measurement of resistance in tests regarding fuse lags cohesion of airplanes, train railways, resistance welding, conductors connections
  • measurement of resistance of generator graphite and electro motors

And anywhere we want to measure conductor resistance in the extent of micro ohm/ milliohm.


Hardware Capabilities:

  • Variable current flow: 25A to 200A with 1A accuracy
  • maximum output voltage: 5V DC
  • Measurement range: 1 micro ohm to 16000 micro ohm  with accuracy of 1 micro ohm, and 10 micro ohm to 160 milliohm with accuracy of 10 micro ohm
  • Store up to 500 test results for resistance value
  • Store up to 143 test results for curve of resistance
  • System speed: 14.7MHz
  • measurement fault: ±1digit+1%
  • Input supply: 200V-240V AC/ 50 HZ
  • maximum power consumption: 1100 VA
  • maximum current consumption: 5A
  • it has an internal printer
  • it has serial port: RS232, USB


Software Capabilities:

  • Under Windows
  • Sampling of variable resistance as a result of time-based heat changing
  • Getting breaker specifications from user and save them
  • Curves enlargement
  • Read saved tests from MOM200 and save them into computer
  • Full bilanguage: English and Persian


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