Digital Micro Ohm Meter MOM212B

The complete toolbox for measuring contact resistance in the micro ohm range by applying high current to both ends

(Battery Operated)



- Resistance measurement range: 1µΩ to 160mΩ

- Output current: up to 200 A DC

- Output voltage: up to 5 V DC

- Output power: up to 1 KW

- Battery and main line operated

- Portable and heavy-duty case

- Extremely reliable and easy to use

  • - PC control with MOMSOFT software (Full bilanguage: English and Persian)



- Circuit breaker manufacturers

- Repair and maintenance of electrical power plant companies

- Electrical power plant EPC companies

- Electrical power labs

- Big factories e.g. Steel, petrochemicals, refineries, and...


Measurement of resistance of breakers and sectionners contacts, bus bars, sectionners, and conductors

connections, cables, wires, and transfer lines conductors, generator graphite and electro motors, and in

cohesion test of airplane fuselags, train railways, and resistance welding, and anywhere we want to measure

conductor resistance in the extent of micro ohm/ milliohm.