TAPCO eCardpark

TAPCO eCardpark: Mechanized system for controlling car parking spaces

This system is used to control car parking spaces in urban thoroughfares and multi-storey car parks. It uses RFID technology to eliminate monetary transactions between the driver and the park ranger.


Why control car parking spaces?

• Observing justice in the distribution of urban facilities

• Provide appropriate services to citizens

• Receiving a fee commensurate with the citizens' use of urban spaces

• Proper use of municipal revenue from car parking spaces along with management and careful monitoring of the good performance of work by contractors



• Eliminate monetary transactions between driver and park ranger

• Low operating costs and high speed in system setup

• No need for any changes in urban furniture

• All information related to the transactions is available online on the server and is available through Internet    

  Explorer software.

• Separate web panels for the municipality, contractor and driver with appropriate and related facilities

• Ability to apply the law accurately (for example, the first half hour is free of charge, the next hour X Rials, etc.)

• Determining the average income of a street

• Determine the demand for park in a street

•And more …




The driver prepares the parking card from the dedicated card stands or the park ranger. By removing the wrapper, installs the parking card on the left and bottom of the car window. In this way, after parking the car, there is no need for direct communication between the park ranger and the driver, and the park ranger with a terminal device (instead of a paper bill), after referring to each car, deducts the amount determined by the municipality from the card credit and accordingly, it takes time to park the car.



The main advantages:

• Use up-to-date RFID technology

• Ability to make optimal use of parking spaces

• Eliminate verbal and monetary interactions between driver and park ranger

• Strict application of rules related to calculating the cost of the park

• Precise control of the operation of park rangers

• Sustainable employment

• Ability to view transactions performed in the web application

• Respect for citizenship rights and customer satisfaction

• Ability to integrate services provided in all type of parking lot

• Redirecting the flow of liquidity: from the municipality to the contractor and park ranger

• Inform the municipality about the real and accurate revenue generation of the streets

• Simplicity in implementation along with the possibility of developing work and providing various services and     income




• Data Collector Terminals with the possibility of sending SMS and exchanging information via Internet

• RFID smart cards (Mifare/ NTAG)



• Software (firmware) located in terminals to perform parking operations and exchange information with the server



• Web application hosted on the server for municipality:

Adjusting system parameters

Observing the performance of the contractor

Determining the demand for the park separately for each street

Determining the exact revenue generation of each street

And more …


• Web application hosted on the server for contractor:

Viewing transactions of sold cards, recharged cards and parks

Defining park rangers

Determining the performance of each park ranger

Adjusting parameters

And more …


• Web application hosted on the server for driver:

Purchasing recharge

Viewing completed recharges

Viewing completed parks

Changing settings

And more …


• Mobile app to view the remaining credit on the card

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