SIBAN- Mechanized Inspection System (Web-Based)

SIBAN- Mechanized Inspection System (Web-Based)

SIBAN is a web-based information system that uses RFID technology for surveying, inspecting and controlling of your instruments faster and more accurate.

SIBAN consists of a web application and some handhelds data collector terminals. Operators can use web application to upload/ download data to/from handhelds without needing to install any program or database. They are able to build their log sheets, send them to handhelds, receive collected data and save them into database (located into web) and finally view reports in computer via web application. Anyone involved in this process (operators, managers, …) can use web application anywhere at anytime without any restriction in location and time (except, they need internet!).



  • Defining inspection sites
    • Name
    • Description



  • Defining Operators of Handhelds
    • Name
    • Family
    • Code (It is assigned automatically)
    • Working site
    • Handheld serial no.
    • Password
    • Valid date of shift (start)
    • Valid date of shift (end)
    • Valid time of shift (start)
    • Valid time of shift (start)



  • Building Log sheets
    • Name
    • Description
    • Determining valid instruments for log sheet
    • Add new record automatically (Option)
    • Enter data without reading RFID tag of instrument (Option)
    • Fill new record from previous entered data (Option)



  • Defining Instruments
    • Name
    • Model
    • Description



  • Defining instrument parameters
    • Name
    • Maximum data length
    • Input from:
      • Keyboard
      • Date (automatically from handheld)
      • Time (automatically from handheld)
      • From a list
      • Serial of RFID tag (automatically by RFID reader)
      • Operator name (automatically from settings)
      • Operator family(automatically from settings)
      • Operator code (automatically from settings)
    • Default value
    • Exist on RFID tag or not
    • Display on LCD or not
    • Limits (Valid and Error)



  • Defining lists
    • Name
    • Options



  • Sending to handheld
    • Desired Handheld
    • Valid operators for entering data
    • Desired log sheets



  • Issue RFID tag for instruments
    • Determining serials of an instrument
    • Determining instruments to issue RFID tag



  • Reports
    • Determining desired duration date
    • Selecting log sheet
    • Selecting instrument
    • Displaying collected data in a grid
    • With search, filter, export to excel, …
    • Highlighting warnings and errors in values


  • Comparing values
    • Determining desired duration date
    • Selecting instruments to compare
    • Selecting parameters to compare
    • Displaying result in grids
    • Drawing curve for selected parameters of selected instruments



Features of handheld data collector terminals (HD20, H11):

  • Equipped with RFID technology (LF & HF)
  • Broadband connections: GSM, GPRS and WIFI
  • Flash light (H11)
  • Programmable with C language
  • Windows API for high level PC languages
  • Small and light
  • Login facility to secure data
  • Receiving log sheets from web application
  • Displaying log sheets to select by operator
  • Read RFID tag of instrument and display their parameters
  • Check and hint when entered value is out of range
  • Filling new record with previous entered data (if set)
  • Setting default value for parameters when new record added 
  • Download collected data into web application via mobile internet
  • Issuing RFID tag for instruments (Writing name, serial, … on tag)







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