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Digital AC/DC Variable Power Supply - PS10

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PS10 is a digital powerful variable power supply that ideals for electrical power labs and speed up circuit breaker test routines.


  • Output voltage: 5-250V AC/ DC
  • Output power: 1KW
  • Maximum output current: 10A
  • Automatic voltage correction while changing load
  • Programmable test sequence (Close & Open) for circuit breakers
  • Short-Circuit protection (for DC)
  • Maximum transient drop out 3% (for DC)
  • Drop out correction time less than 7ms (for DC)
  • Control by: keyboard, computer and remote control
  • Measuring and displaying output voltage with an accuracy of 1V
  • Measuring and displaying output current with an accuracy of 0.05A

  • Circuit breaker manufacturers
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical power plant companies
  • Electrical power plant EPC companies
  • Electrical power labs


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