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Insulation Resistance Tester IRT10

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Insulation Resistance Tester IRT10

The complete toolbox for testing and analyzing the quality insulation of electrical equipment

Insulation parts are used in all electrical equipment and their quality is of great importance. Insulators

 lose their efficiency due to environmental conditions and aging and exhaustion. 

This may be reduced their electrical resistance, which decreases the safety of the system. Therefore, it

 is necessary to periodically examine the quality of the insulators to be repaired or replaced if needed.

IRT10 is a convenient and efficient device for testing and inspecting the quality of insulators and

 measuring their electrical resistance. IRT10 applies the high voltage to separate electrical parts and

 measures the flow rate of insulation between them. The flow depends on the conditions and

 characteristics of the insulation, and its amount is very small. This flow will be more than normal

 conditions in event of insulation damage.

The IRT10 insulation resistance test device can generate a voltage from 100VDC to 10KVDC

 adjustable with 25V steps and measure the electrical resistance of insulation up to 10TΩ. It is also

 possible to set the five standard voltages, including 500V, 1KV, 2.5KV, 5KV, 10KV. Information

 obtained during the test is recorded at the time interval and will be available in the printout or on a

 computer for inspection. Several kinds of test types are presented in IRT10 to cover maintenance and

 repair cases.

The simplicity of operation in IRT10 is achieved with hotkeys and menu oriented and large backlight

 display that shows all important parameters simultaneously. Real-time stamps in the printout and

 large internal memory to store the results are other benefits. IRT10 insulation resistance tester is

 portable, lightweight, Impact and dust and water resistant with the case closed. IRT10 is safety rated

 to CATIV 600V with double-coated test lead wires.

IRT10 is for measuring electrical insulation in electrical equipment and electrical panels, motors,

 generators, electrical switches in all dimensions and voltages, circuit breakers, transformers,

 disconnectors and in general wherever it is necessary to check the quality of electrical insulation.


 - Up to 10KV and 10TΩ

 - Measuring insulation resistance from 500KΩ to 10TΩ

 - Generating the standard voltages in 25V steps

 - Battery and main line operated with fast charge

 - Over 16 hours battery operation time

 - Real time stamps in printout results

 - Portable and light weight case

 - Extremely reliable and easy to use

 - USB interface



 - High power transformer manufacturers

 - Circuit breaker manufacturers

 - Repair and maintenance of electrical power plant companies

 - Electrical power plant EPC companies

 - Electrical power labs

 - Household electrical appliances manufacturers


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