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Electrical substation data management system- Simap

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What is Simap?

Simap is a system for managing data of various activities in electrical substations like metering, visual inspections, checking failures, services and so on

Simap components:

1. Simap software

2. PC and computer network

3. Hand held data collector terminal

4. RFID tags

Energy reporting:

Monthly energy reporting based on data gathered during inspections

Equipment Management:

Defining and managing equipment specification, log records, services, failures and other daily facts about them

Extinguishing and security inspections:

With Simap you can creating and manage inspection records for substation extinguishing and security


Other features:


Physical attendance check for operators using RFID tags  - 

Data validation and range check for collected data  - 

User administration capability  

Web based reporting system  - 

:How to add

1.       Installing on the server

2.       configuring Clients

3.       Installing on substations

Other capabilities:

·  Database archiving tool

·  Connection ready for SmallWorld (GIS application)

·   Friendly UI

Generic tools:

·         Exporting feature for reports

·         Data filtering tools

·         Database backup and restore


Various report of energy meter  -   
Out of circuit equipment  -   
Limitation statisticsha  -   
... Operational report o breakers, light-arresters and  -   
User data entry check  -   
User attendance report  -   


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