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Animal data management system-Simad

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SIMAD includes integrated proprietary hardware, software, mobile app, and web services for managing animal information (Cow, Sheep, Goat, Camel, Horse, Ostrich, Aquatic, Pet, Rabbit, and etc) for:
Identification, registration of birth certificate and breeding, milk and weight recording, registration of veterinary and health care services, and etc.



SIMAD applications:

  •       Livestock identification card generating

  •          Milk recording

  •          Genetic information tracing

  •          Livestock diseases information recording

  •         Livestock breeding centers

  •         Husbandries

  •         Fish farms



SIMAD Components:


  • ICAR Certified RFID tags produced by TAPCO

  • Livestock Visual Tag types (Ear Tag, Leg band, and neckband)


  •  Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Tag For Fishes, Horses, Pets, and etc.

  •  RFID Readers (ST10, GR10, HD20, H11, SR10)





·        Applicators:


Fish Desk: 

Special work desk for recording ID tags, weight, and size of fishes automatically and simultaneously. The work desk is equipped with:


o   RFID reader

o   High precision digital scale

o   High precision digital ruler

o   Label Printer

o   Laptop



Windows software:


o   Definition and registration of birth certificate information

o   Definition forms to collect data

o   Programing RFID readers to collect data

o   Powerful database

o   Various reports


Mobile App: