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Mechanized inspection system (web-based) Siban

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Siban is a web-based information system that uses RFID technology for surveying, inspecting and controlling of your instruments faster and more accurate.


  - Definition of types of equipment

  - Definition of items (parameters) of an equipment

  - Checking entered values with limits

  - Issuing RFID tags for equipment

  - Definition of log sheets

  - Sending desired log sheets to handhelds

  - Receiving filled log sheets from handhelds

  - Various reports

  - Comparing items and drawing charts


        1-  Web service

        2-  TAPCO handheld data collector terminals or android devices



3-     RFID tags in different forms depending on installation method


Features of handheld data collector terminals (HD20, H11):

·         Communication with web service via SIM card and mobile data

·         Receiving empty log sheets

·         Check validity of operators while login

·         Displaying log sheets name to select

·         Ability to read RFID tag of equipment and displaying related items automatically

·         Displaying limits of items value

·         Checking entered values with limits and displaying proper message when error

·         Sending filled log sheets to the web service

Other capabilities
  • Web based.
  • Report Builder.
  • GSM can be added.
  • Report exporter for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, TIFF and XML.
  • Data filtering tool.
  • Backing up and restoring database tool.

System requirements

  • Processor Speed: 2GHz
  • Operating System: Windows XP-7
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Disk Space: 300 MB
  • Software: .Net Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 


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