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RFID Asset Tracking System - Sima

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What is Sima?

Sima is a system for tracking physical assets by scanning RFID tags attached to the assets which

 broadcast their location.

The system composed of:

  - RFID tags.

  - RF reader handy terminal

  - Windows-based asset tracking software

  - PC



1. Printing your organization information, logo, barcode and similar on the tags

2. Sorted scan results based on the asset locations

3. Showing odd results

4. Data entry for asset properties while surveying by the hand held device

5. Separate data store for each inspection

6. Data managing and filtering tools

7. Three layer location definition for assets

8. Changeable RF reader resolution

9. Single and Multi-read mode for RF Reader

10. Bi-lingual data entry (Persian-English)

11. Integrable with other software systems


1.Saving time of asset tracking process

2.Decreasing cost of buying new assets by finding an relocating existing ones

3.Decreasing cost of asset movements

4.Optimizing room spaces

5.Accurating your asset tracking process

6.Ensuring correct location of each asset

7.Decreasing manual work of counting and inspecting

8.Reducing rework

9.Access to assets’ data via hand held

Setting up:

1.      1.Preparing list of the existing assets

2.       2.Importing the list in to the asset tracking software

3.       3.Sending the asset list to handy terminal

 4. Installing RFID tag on your assets and tailoring asset organizational number with RFID tag

    in the handy terminal


Routine asset tracking:

  1.Loading asset list to handy terminal     

   2. Scanning rooms to auto identify assets   

   3. Downloading result to the computer for reporting

Before and after using Sima asset tracking system


·         Time consuming process of finding asset label to check

·         Needing more man power to handle the complete process

·         Error prone process of manual work

·         Very hard to revision



·         Auto identification of asset tags from 5 meters distance to the reader

·         Asset tracking with minimum man power requirement

·         Auto checking data by using handy terminal to reducing errors

·         Light and fast revision process because of using RFID


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