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Guarding and Patrolling System - Soroush

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confident for timely and regular attendance of your guarders in specified locations and build a firm and disciplined guarding and patrolling management system.


1-Determining checkpoints
    - Pay attention to the selection of checkpoints so that no point is left out of inspection of the guard
    - Selecting proper ID type regarding to installation location make installation easier
2-Installation of electronic ID (RFID) at checkpoints
3-Reading Electronic IDs by PV10. Inspection record will be saved in PV10 memory containing ID serial, date and time of inspection.
4-Downloading PV10 data into computer. If any forgotten checkpoint found, it will be announce to supervisor.

  • Periodic and visual visiting
  • Portable attendance system
  • Security inspection
  • Guarding and Patrolling System
  • Postal services

  • Simple software
  • Simple usage with just one key
  • Made in Iran with quality rating A+
  • Small & light
  • Rechargeable battery via USB
  • Free software 

  • Supervisor will be confident that guards do inspection of all checkpoints well in determined time duration
  • Ability to keep track of inspection on computer with different reports
  • Solving the problem of creating different levels of inspection in organizations to create discipline in guards
  •  No need to use cameras and additional personnel control costs to check inspection time and location by guards


Usage scope:

All departments, companies, factories, organizations, and … that need and use guarding and patrolling system.


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