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Stick Reader - SR10

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Designed according to the latest international standards to read, detect, record, and send the ID to other

devices via WiFi. The shape and size of the SR10 provide access to the RFID tags in hard and less

 accessible workspaces.


  • Equipped with LF RFID reader (134.2KHz or 125KHz)
  • Sending data to cell phone and computer via WIFI
  • Storing time automatically after reading RFID tag
  • Storing more than 250000 records
  • Android app. with different facilities
  • Programmable with C language
  • Windows DLL for developing proprietary applications
  • Flashlight
  • Simple to use and efficient

  • Reading RFID tags in hard and less accessible workspaces (such as animals and trees)
  • Periodic and visual inspection
  • Security inspection
  • Guarding and Patrolling System



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