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Guarding and Patrolling System - PV10

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Be confident about the timely and regular attendance of your guarders in specified locations and build a firm and disciplined guarding and patrolling management system.


  • Equipped with LF RFID reader (134.2KHZ or 125KHZ)
  • Storing time of attendance automatically after reading RFID tag
  • Storing more than 250000 records for check-point                                                  (serial of tag along with read date and time)
  • Application software with different facilities
  • Programmble with C languages
  • Windows DLL for developing proprietary applications
  • Flashlight
  • Small and light
  • Simple to use and efficient


  •      Periodic and visual visiting
  •      Portable attendance system
  •      Security inspection 
  •      Guarding and patrolling system
  •      Postal services


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