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Handheld Data Collector Terminal - HD20

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Designed according to the latest international standards to detect moving livestock (Sheep, Goat, and etc) automatically, and sending livestock ID to other devices via WiFi. This ID can be used in various stages of identification, registration of birth certificate and breeding, milk and weight recording, registration of veterinary and health care services, and etc.


  •      Equipped with RFID reader (LF-HF)
  •     Connections: WIFI, GSM and A-GPS
  •     Programmable with C language
  •     Windows DLL for high level PC languages
  •      Small and light


  • Data gathering for log sheets, Check lists, …

  • Electronic payment (Tapco eCardPark system)

  • Information management in electrical power plants, refineries, ...

  • Animal information management, Tree information management, ...

  • Security inspection 

  • Periodic and technical inspection

  • Customer loyalty system

  • Activities management in congress

  • Portable attendance system


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