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E-Park Card

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       E-Park Card  

An integrated RFID System for managing street parking.

     What is E-Park Card?

E-Park Card is composed of software and hardware services to neat financial aspects of street parking



- The first street parking management system from 2000 till now

Running on over 40 cities of Iran

Certified by National Traffic Department

Iran Invention Certificate

No need to street installation
Works both offline and online

- Low implementation cost

Fast setup (2 weeks for each city)  

- Man power loyal


      - Highly decreased money exchange between customers and employees

      - Fully traffic law compliance 

Fairly use of street parking

      - Citizen friendly
      -  Integrable with public parking lots

      - Internet reporting

   - Electronic parking label 

   - Data gathering handy terminal

   - Windows, Web and Mobile applications

    Other features:

     - Customer connectivity via SMS  

     -  Mobile data transfer

    - Value-Added-Tax calculations

    - Parking lot management subsystem

    - Special cards for city guests


      E-Park Card Workflow


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