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Customer Loyalty System

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   - Profitable

   - Customer extending

   - No need to network and internet

   - Two way bonus system (credit and points)

   - Integrable with other businesses



   - Loyalty cards

   - Card reader

  - Software


  - Customers

  - Issued cards

  - Total sale report

  - Detailed sale report

  - Lost cards

  - Credit change report


  - Creating customer loyalty groups (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

  - Flexible bonus definition

  - Goods entry feature

  - Data importing and exporting using MS-Excel

  - Card design and printing service

  - Multi branch capability

  - SMS sender

  - Customer presenter bonus

  - Data filtering tools

  - Security control and user management system

  - Database backup system


  - Increasing loyal customers

  - Tracking customer needs

  - Manageable discounts instead of irregular discounts

System requirements:

  - PC with 2GHz CUP frequency, 2GB of RAM and 4GB free space

  - Windows XP or higher


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