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Animal data management system-Simad

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What is Simad?

Simad includes various hardware and software for managing Animal information (Cow, Sheep, Camel, Horse,Ostrich Aquatic, Pet, Rabbit and Insect) for:
Identification, registration of birth certificate and breeding, milk and weight recording, registration of medical and health care services and information tracking.


-Windows software
-Android software
-Label designing and barcode printing 

Cloud Computing and Web Services


-Animal RFID Tag types (Bolus, Ear Tag, Necklaces, Leg band and Injection)
-Animal Visual Tag types (Ear Tag and Leg band)


-RFID Readers (HD20, SR10, H11)
-Digital ruler and caliper
-Digital Scale
-Label Printer


Software features: 

-Acceptance of code types (ICAR standard, regional code and proprietary code)
-Definition and registration of birth certificate information
-Definition various forms for collecting data
-Capability of entering data manually as well as automatically
-Recording health and medical information (Vaccination, Inoculation, Sonography,   Checkup and ...)


-RFID Reader connection to android phones via Wi-Fi
-Recording weight and size information automatically
-GPS data
-Image recording
-Alarms (find desired animal)



-Supplying and manufacturing of tags (RFID & Visual)
-Ordering tags (via the Internet or telephone)
  • Selecting desired type of tag
  • Determining the number of tags
  • Selecting type of code  (ICAR - Proprietary - Regional)


-Requesting code from Iran Breeding Center
-RFID coding & visual laser marking
-Providing the installation tools along with training
-Definition of information collection forms
-Recording the code number of animal identification tag by handheld data collector or   mobile along with other information
-Transferring data to the software (via the Internet or USB)




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