Mechanized Inspection System Siba
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RFID Inspection System - Siban

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Simple and accurate access to asset history and mechanized data gathering using RFID.

What is Siban?

Siban is a system for accessing and controlling history, inspecting, and generating electronic identification label for your assets.

has been produced based on one and half decade experience on automated data collection systems in Tapco.

Siban consists of:
  1. Siban Software.
  2. Hand Held Data Collector Terminal.
  3. RFID label and cards.
  4. RFID Reader/Writer device.
  5. USB dongle.
Siban operations
  • Defining asset types for inspection.
  • Defining asset fields (static and dynamic).
  • Building inspection forms and check lists.
  • Defining inspection sites.
  • Specifying site assets and defining RFID card for each asset.
  • Defining inspectors.
  • Two way data gathering for inspection (Software and Hand Held).
  • Tabular reports and chart.
  • Managing user access.
  • Data management for inspection sites.
  • Recordinginspection details (true time, operator name…).

Siban is an efficient tool for managing and supervising assets.
Siban can be used in:
Equipment and property inspection in various industries.
  • Writing log sheets.
  • Person and Vehicle Control.
  • Visitor check.
  • And more...

A question?
Do you need to distribute your information in some places to simplify and speed up your decisions?
If it's true,for which information, and
where places you should do that?

For example where do you need to 
know history of your services, metering, 
maintenance and so on?
Where do  
you need to access to certificates or
transportation data?

Siban fills your needs.

  • Quick access to asset life cycle history  in asset position without need to access  database.
  • Flexible and parametric definitions for all features.
  • Paper-less.
  • Data validation and adjustable limitations for user input.
  • Really simple.
  • Time saving, cost and fault reduction in data gathering.
  • Defining users and groups.
  • specifying security permissions.
Other capabilities
  • Network ready.
  • Report Builder.
  • GPS can be added.
  • Report exporter for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, TIFF and XML.
  • Data filtering tool.
  • Backing up and restoring database tool.
System requirements
  • Processor Speed: 2GHz
  • Operating System: Windows XP-7
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Disk Space: 300 MB
  • Software: .Net Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 


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